Bely Island

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Native name: Белый остров
Bely Island.PNG
Bely Island, Kara Sea
Bely Island is located in Russia
Bely Island
Bely Island (Russia)
Location Kara Sea
Coordinates 73°15′N 70°50′E / 73.250°N 70.833°E / 73.250; 70.833
Area 1,810 km2 (700 sq mi)
Oblast Tyumen Oblast
Okrug Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Bely Island (also spelled as Belyy and Beliy, Russian: Белый остров) is a relatively large island in the Kara Sea off the tip of the Yamal Peninsula, Siberia, Russia. Close to the island's northwest tip, there is the Russian Experiment Station (Polyarnaya Stantsiya) Popov Station.


Bely Island covers an area of 1,810 square kilometres (700 sq mi). It is covered by tundra, but some dwarf shrubs also grow on this island. It is separated from the mainland by the Malygina Strait, an 8 to 10 km wide sound which is frozen most of the year.

This island belongs to the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug which is the northern part of the Tyumen Oblast administrative division of Russia.

Popov Station

Adjacent Islands[edit]

Within Bely Island's wide eastern bay there is a 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) long island called Bezymyannyy. Ostrov Tabango and Ostrov Tyubtsyango are located 20 kilometres (12 mi) to the south of Bely Island's SE corner.

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Coordinates: 73°15′N 70°50′E / 73.250°N 70.833°E / 73.250; 70.833