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Industry Fast Food
Founded 1988 in Lima, Peru
Headquarters Lima, Peru
Products Fast Food (including hamburgers, chicken products, french fries, milkshakes, salads, desserts, and children's meal ensembles)
Parent Bembos S.A.C.

Bembos is a Peruvian fast food chain offering hamburgers, often with Peruvian-influenced variations.

Bembos was established in 1988, with its first restaurant opening in the Miraflores district of Lima. Bembos mixes spices into their meat, giving a distinct taste and appearance. As do other restaurants in Peru (even foreign ones), they serve aji (a pepper-based sauce) on the side. Bembos meals primarily come with hot chips or yuquitas (made from yuca root). As their website states, they can be found all over the Lima area, including a two-story one on Caminos del Inca. They also offer home delivery.


  • "La mejor hamburguesa y más" (The best burger and more)
  • "Como Bembos no hay otra" (There's nothing like Bembos - literally: Like Bembos there's no other)
  • "Definitivamente vas a volver" (Definitely you are going to come back)


The chain has 35 restaurants in 6 cities, mostly in Lima. In July 2007, it had opened a restaurant in the center of Cusco, becoming the first national or international fast food establishment in the city.

Bembos has recently opened restaurants outside of Peru, with two restaurants in Delhi NCR and Mumbai.

In March 2011, Bembos was acquired by the Peruvian group Interbank.

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