Bemis Manufacturing Company

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Bemis Manufacturing Company
Industry Injection Molding, Molded Wood
Founded 1901
Founder Albert Bemis / Arthur White
Headquarters Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, United States
Key people
Peter Bemis [deceased: 10/9/2013], President and CEO, Bemis Manufacturing Company
Norm Giertz, COO/President, Proprietary Group
Randy Herman, President, Advanced Technology Group

The Bemis Manufacturing Company is an American manufacturing company based in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin and is best known for its toilet seat products. Bemis also manufactures plastic lawn, commercial, and indoor furniture, suction canisters, sharps containers, fluid management systems, gas caps, gauges and various contracted extrusion and injection molded plastic parts for companies such as John Deere and Whirlpool Corporation. The company is a pioneer of co-injection molding, a process in which virgin resin is injected with scrap plastic.[1]

Bemis's plastic work has won awards in the SPI Structural Plastics Div. design competition, particularly with the John Deere 7000 tractor, which is believed to represent the first instance of coinjection molding "to large parts where a recycled engineering material (ABS) is used in the core".[2][3][4]


In 1901, Arthur White incorporated White Wagon Works in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, the precursor to Bemis that produced children's wooden wagons with a patented steering device.

In the early 1920s, Al Bemis, with partner George Riddel, bought the majority of shares of White Wagon works and by 1928, Al Bemis took controlling interest in their shared company.

In 1932, Bemis started producing toilet seats. By 1935, they started making seats for nearby Kohler Company.

Since then, Bemis has continued improving their molded wood toilet seat production process and has become an industry leader in plastics manufacturing for toilet seats, custom and other plastics products.[5]

Corporate management[edit]

Bemis CEO and part-owner Peter Bemis [deceased: 10/9/2013] was inducted into the Plastics Hall of Fame on June 19, 2006 for innovative techniques for co-injection and other advance molding processes.[6]


  • 2012 - Bemis was among three finalists in the 16th Plastics News' Processor of the Year Award. Bemis Manufacturing was nominated by Glenn Anderson of Milacron, a supplier of a 6,600 ton, 2,100-square-foot "monster" co-injection molding machine.[7]
  • 2011 - The Target shopping cart, molded by Bemis, was a finalist in the Industrial Design Excellence Awards (IDEA) [8]
  • 2009 - Bemis Manufacturing won the 2009 International Plastics Design Competition Retail Award for the Target shopping cart.[9]
  • 2007 - Bemis Manufacturing took top honors at the SPI 2007 Alliance of Plastics Processors Awards for a high-end clothes dryer door window.[10]
  • 2006 - Bemis Manufacturing's Advance Technology Group (formally contract group) won a Judges award for the Sub Compact Utility Tractor and 9th Annual Industrial Designers Society of America/Plastics News Award for the John Deere Series 8000 Engine Enclosure.[11]


Bemis is a part of the University of Wisconsin–Madison School of Business: Family Business Center. [12]


Bemis Manufacturing Company is best known for its toilet seat products, which are produced under the Bemis, Church, Mayfair, Westport and Olsonite[13] brands. While Olsonite is found primarily in wholesale markets, Mayfair and Westport are found in retail stores such as Ace Hardware, Bed Bath & Beyond, Meijer and Do-It Best. Bemis and Church branded seats can be found in both wholesale markets and in retailers such as Home Depot, Lowe's and home improvement retailers in the UK including Homebase. Bemis also produces bathroom accessories in Europe under the Carrara & Matta brand.[citation needed]

Bemis produces custom plastics products for customers in commercial furniture, agricultural equipment, appliances, yard care, retail facility, and industrial products industries. Using technologies such as co-injection molding and extrusion, Bemis works with business partners to design and produce their products.[citation needed]

Since 1971, Bemis has produced various products for disposal of medical wastes, including sharps containers, suction canisters and liners, and a draining system for safe liquid management.[citation needed]

Other products include plastic fuel caps, gauges and tank accessories, produced under the Kelch brand.[citation needed]


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