Ben-Hadad III

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Bar-Hadad III
Zakkur Stele 0154.jpg
Stele of Zakkur
King of Aram Damascus
(King of Syria)
Reign796 BC–792 BC (possible)
PredecessorKing Hazael
SuccessorKing Rezin

Bar-Hadad III (Aram.) (ܒܪ ܚܕܕ) or Ben-Hadad III (Heb.) (בֶּן-הֲדַד) was king of Aram Damascus, the son and successor of Hazael. His succession is mentioned in 2 Kings (13:3, 13:24). He is thought to have ruled from 796 BC to 792 BC, although there are many conflicting opinions among Biblical archaeologists as to the length of his reign.[citation needed]

The archaeological Stele of Zakkur mentions "Bar Hadad, son of Hazael".[1][2]

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Preceded by
King of Aram-Damascus
796 BC–792 BC
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