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Game background
Title(s) Prince of Good Water Creatures, Squallbringer, The Valorous Tempest
Home plane Elemental Plane of Water
Power level Archomental
Alignment Neutral Good
Portfolio Good-Aligned Water Elementals and Water Creatures
Domains Good, Purification, Water
Design details

Ben-hadar is an archomental in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

Publication history[edit]

Ben-hadar first appeared with the good archomentals in the second edition book Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix III (1998).[1]

Ben-hadar appeared with the good archomentals in the third edition in Dragon #353 (March 2007).[2]


Ben-Hadar is an Archomental, the Elemental Prince of Good Water. On the Elemental Plane of Water, within the reef of Ssesurgass, Ben-Hadar rules over his kingdom of good-aligned water elementals, water mephits, water weirds, tritons, darfellan, ocean giants, elder tojanidas, water monoliths, water genasi, and aquatic elves. He is a deeply emotional, intuitive being with a personality akin to a tropical storm, and fights evil at every turn. The majority of Ben-Hadar's worshippers on the Prime Material Plane among the humanoid races tend to be bonded summoners, druids, water elemental savants, and water shugenjas.


Ben-hadar's gruff demeanor usually causes him to be perceived as an arrogant, selfish boor, so he has few allies. However, the eladrin queen Morwel is rumored to be his occasional lover, and the slaad lord Rennbuu enjoys visiting him. Rennbuu admires the massive coral reefs of Ben-hadar's home, delighting in transforming the reef's many colors.

Ben-hadar has little to do with his evil counterpart, Olhydra, but he has feuds with two good archomentals, Chan and Zaaman Rul, who view him as an isolationist with a repugnant personality.

Bwimb was often the biggest thorn in the side of Ben-hadar, polluting the pure waters that Ben-hadar nurtured. Bwimb II continues her father's wicked ways in this regard.

The Prince of Good Water Creatures has a truce with Charon, guardian of the River Styx, and maintains friendships with Deep Sashelas, Eadro, Persana, and the enigmatic Water Lion.


Ssesurgass is the fortress of Ben-Hadar. A portal in the Court of Stars in Arborea leads to Ben-Hadar's stronghold.


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