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Ben is a Canadian comic strip syndicated by MWAM and available on GoComics that is also included in American and other English-speaking newspapers. There is also a French version that is likewise growing in popularity. It is the creation of artist and author Daniel Shelton.


  • Ben Hatley, a recent retiree from Oshawa, Ontario.
  • Olivia Hatley, Ben's wife, a retired schoolteacher.[1]
  • Patty Tokoname, Ben and Olivia's daughter, a sales rep and soccer coach.[1]
  • Nathan Tokoname, Patty's husband, a graphic artist. He is of Japanese heritage.[1]
  • Nicholas Tokoname, Patty and Nathan's oldest child, an eight-year-old boy with black hair often seen wearing a striped shirt.[1]
  • Michael Tokoname, Patty and Nathan's second child, a brown-haired six-year-old boy.[1]
  • Alec Tokoname, Patty and Nathan's third child, a red-haired four-year-old.[1]
  • Mia Tokoname, Patty and Nathan's fourth child and only daughter, aged two.[1]
  • Max, a golden retriever.[1]
  • George Tokoname, Nathan's father.[1]
  • Ann Tokoname, Nathan's mother.[1]

Although the main character is a retiree, the comic strip prefers not to limit itself to the typical senior citizen stereotypes, opting instead to show seniors as modern and vibrant.

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