Ben Buckler, New South Wales

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The Ben Buckler coastline

Ben Buckler is an urban locality in eastern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. It is part of the suburb of North Bondi and the local government area of Waverley Council in the Eastern Suburbs.[1]

Legends say that Ben Buckler was named after a convict who inhabited a cave in the cliffs at North Bondi and died after a fall from a ledge.

Ben Buckler is the location of the Ben Buckler Gun Battery, which was built in 1892 and subsequently buried; it was later excavated by the Water Board and then reburied .[2]

Ben Buckler at night
Golf course


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Coordinates: 33°53′31″S 151°17′02″E / 33.892°S 151.284°E / -33.892; 151.284