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Ben Charles Edwards
Ben Charles Edwards.jpg
Born2 July
OccupationDirector, Writer, Producer
Known forA Bird Flew In, Set The Thames On Fire, Motel Monologues,

Ben Charles Edwards is a British film director, producer and writer.[1] Edwards began his career working as a photographer.[2] Upon the release of Edwards' feature debut, The British Film Institute remarked that "Charles Edwards’ has crafted distinctive, admirable work that seems to have emerged from the unseen margins of British cinema."

Feature films[edit]

Most recently Edwards produced the feature film A Bird Flew In (originally titled Alone). Edward's production became the first UK film to start shooting since the pandemic took hold. [3] Alone is a black and white Cinéma vérité inspired feature film. Starring Sir Derek Jacobi, Jeff Fahey, Camilla Rutherford, Michael Winder, Morgana Robinson and Frances Barber. The film was written by Edwards' longtime writing partner Dominic Wells and directed by Kirsty Bell in her directorial debut. The story was conceived in the first week of lockdown and written in short order throughout confinement, the black and white film charts six interlinked narratives. The film is set in the UK and France. [4]

In early 2020 Edwards Creative Produced the feature documentary Quant. An insightful look into Mary Quant, One of the UK’s most renowned cultural figures, Quant was at the vanguard of the stylistic revolution of the 1960s and ‘70s, leading the charge away from convention and conservatism through the championing of ground-breaking designs including the miniskirt and hot pants. Produced by Goldfinch, the film was directed by Sadie Frost. [5]

2019 saw Edwards' direct and produce Come Home, a psychological horror set and shot in Suffern upstate New York. The movie stars Camilla Rutherford in a leading role. The film was based on a story Edwards had written as a child. Other members of the cast include Davi Santos, Page Ruth and the late Nicholas Tucci. The film was written by Edwards with co-writer Nadia Doherty. The original score for the movie was created by Orri Páll Dýrason of Sigur Rós. Filming began in January 2018, with the film dedicated to the memory of actor Nicholas Tucci and set for release 2020.[6]

In 2016 Edwards directed his motion picture debut Set the Thames on Fire.[7] Set the Thames on Fire is a fantasy film, directed by Ben Charles Edwards and written by Al Joshua. The dark comedy stars Michael Winder and Max Bennet as Art & Sal, two boys who fall through the clockwork of a grotesque, nightmare London, endeavouring to survive and escape, and perhaps find hope. The cast also includes Noel Fielding, David Hoyle, Sally Phillips, and Lily Loveless. To date, Set The Thames on Fire has been nominated for "The Discovery Award" for Best New Debut Film at the BFI London Comedy Film Festival 2016. The film was also long listed for the British Independent Film Awards 2016 for "Outstanding Achievement In Craft" and "Newcomer Discovery Award".[8][9][10]

Other works include the award-winning film Will Nature Make a Man of Me Yet?. Additionally entitled Motel Monologues. The film is a series of monologues originally written or intended to be performed for or by men only. However within the film these monologues are recited back to back by a full female cast. Set in a custom built Motel designed by Edwards and production designer James Hatt'. The film was exhibited at the Pompidou Centre Paris. Edwards was nominated for 'Best Director' at Bokeh film festival. The film was also nominated for 'Best Picture'.

Short films[edit]

In early 2013 Edwards directed Dotty, co-written with Dominic Wells. The film was produced by Blonde to Black Pictures and Ben Charles Edwards.[11][12] Sadie Frost won "Best Actress" at the Hollywood Independent Film Festival for her portrayal of the title character. The film was also selected for a further 18 international film festivals and received its European Premiere at Raindance Film Festival 2014 in its hometown of London.

In early 2012, Ben created "Suzie Lovitt", a 10-minute short starring eight-year-old Rudy Law (son of Sadie Frost and Jude Law). The film was written by Edwards and Dominic Wells. "Suzie Lovitt" has only been screened once for a private event in Leicester Square in early 2012.

In 2011, Edwards directed and co-wrote Animal Charm, starring Boy George, Michael Urie, Sally Phillips, Sadie Frost and Emily Beecham.[13][14]

Edwards' first short film, A musical entitled The Town That Boars Me (2008),[15][16] a series of short films entitled "A Picture Book Of London Town", and Giles (a study of Giles Deacon) for Vogue Italia.


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