Ben Chestnut

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Ben Chestnut
Ben Chestnut - July 2008.jpg
Ben Chestnut, July 2008
Born Augusta, Georgia
Nationality American
Occupation Internet entrepreneur, CEO of MailChimp
Years active 2000–
Known for Co-founder of MailChimp

Ben Chestnut is an American internet entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of MailChimp, a popular email marketing company.[1][2][3]


Ben Chestnut was born and raised in Augusta, Georgia.[4][5] He studied physics at the University of Georgia, and industrial design at the Georgia Institute of Technology[5]


He is the former CEO of The Rocket Science Group,[6] which he co-founded in 2000.[5]

He is presently the CEO of MailChimp, a popular email marketing company with 15 million users.[7]According to Atlanta Business Chronicle,In August 2017, Ben was awarded as "Most Admired CEO".[8]

Compensatory policies[edit]

Chestnut has focused his company's resources in providing compensatory benefits for employees.[9] Chestnut's motivation for his corporate policy stems from his being raised by his military father who had few economic opportunities.[4]

Risks of social media[edit]

In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Chestnut countered arguments that social media would replace the need for email and email marketing.[10]

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