Ben Cormack

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Ben Cormack
Born 13 October 1982
United Kingdom
Occupation Writer, illustrator
Nationality British
Period 2004–present
Notable works The Story of Egmo
Cartoon Clinic
Anatomy for Fantasy Artists

Ben Cormack (born 13 October 1982) is a British writer and illustrator. He is the author of a 2007 children's book, The Story of Egmo, in addition to two art reference books, Anatomy for Fantasy Artists (2005), co-authored with Glenn Fabry and translated into multiple languages; and Cartoon Clinic (2006).


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  • Cormack, Ben; (2006). Cartoon Clinic. Barrons. ISBN 0-7641-3257-1. 
  • Cormack, Ben; Fabry, Glenn (2005). Anatomy for Fantasy Artists. Barrons. ISBN 0-7641-2950-3. 

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