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Ben Meyer (1927–1995) studied with the Jesuits, his studies taking him to California, Strasbourg, Göttingen, and Rome, where he received his doctorate from the Universita Gregoriana in 1965. He taught briefly at Alma College and at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley before joining the faculty at McMaster University in 1969, where he taught in the Department of Religious Studies until 1992. Meyer's areas of specialization included the historical Jesus, the early expansion of the Christian movement, and the hermeneutics of Bernard Lonergan. He authored several important monographs over his 30-year career.


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co-authored with Otto Knoch:

  • One Loaf, One Cup: Ecumenical Studies of 1 Cor 11 and Other Eucharistic Texts, Mercer University Press (1993). ISBN 978-0-86554-398-0