Ben F. Meyer

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Ben F. Meyer
Benjamin Franklin Meyer

November 1927
Died28 December 1995(1995-12-28) (aged 68)
Les Verrières, Switzerland
Spouse(s)Denise Meyer[1]
Academic background
Alma materPontifical Gregorian University
InfluencesBernard Lonergan[2]
Academic work
Notable worksThe Aims of Jesus (1979)[2]

Benjamin Franklin Meyer (1927–1995) was a theologian and scholar of religion.[3] Born in November 1927 in Chicago, Illinois,[4] he studied with the Jesuits, his studies taking him to California, Strasbourg, Göttingen, and Rome,[citation needed] where he received his doctorate from the Pontifical Gregorian University in 1965.[5] He taught briefly at Alma College and at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley[citation needed] before joining the faculty at McMaster University in 1969,[6] where he taught in the religious studies department until 1992. Meyer's areas of specialization included the historical Jesus, the early expansion of the Christian movement,[citation needed] and the hermeneutics of Bernard Lonergan.[4] He authored several important monographs over his 30-year career.[citation needed] He died on 28 December 1995 in Les Verrières, Switzerland.[7]



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