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Ben Glenn (born October 6, 1973) is a professional speaker, who is also known as “The Chalkguy”. Ben Glenn was diagnosed with Dyslexia and other Learning Disabilities while in grade school. As an adult he also learned that he has ADHD and suddenly everything about his life made perfect sense.[citation needed] When he speaks at an event, he has a huge canvas on stage. As he is talking to the audience, he starts to draw images.[1] He ties his message in with the drawing that he is creating. Although he is dyslexic, Glenn has written the books, “Simply Special: Learning to Love your ADHD”, “Big Enough: Finding Faith to Move Mountains” and “Common Grounds: Conversations about the Things that Matter Most”.[2] He often speaks about his struggle with dyslexia and ADHD,[3] in addition to the barriers of age, race, gender and cultures.[4]


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