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Ben Knight
Born 1977
Long Island, New York
Occupation Artist, Designer, United Nations
Nationality American

Ben Knight (born 1977 in Long Island, New York) is a typographic coordinator for the United Nations. In 2002, Knight joined the UN in New York City where he started working closely with Maxim Zhukov to help with multilingual typographic design teaching, solutions, and co-ordination. Knight took over the responsibility UN typographic co-ordination when Zhukov retired in 2004 from the UN.[1] He is a member of The Typophiles and other typographic related organizations.

He also works as an installation artist and designer primarily using typographic design management skill and practice, though he has some experience with information design, and interface design. He is an advocate of sustainable art, sustainable design, design management and strategic design ideas and goals. His artwork has been shown by independent curator and gallerist, Willoughby Sharp.[2] He is a friend of the guitarist Craig Bonich of Head Automatica and has assisted with some graphics and artwork for Head Automatica as well.[3]

As a teenager he worked on the feature film, Threat. After initially working as an artist, he was promoted to production designer.[4][5] He has also been the voice for many punk rock and hardcore punk related bands.[6]


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