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Ben Kuchera
Ben Kuchera as Managing Editor of Penny Arcade Report at PAX Prime 2013 (9672914403).jpg
Kuchera at PAX Prime 2013
Residence Cincinnati, Ohio
Nationality American
Occupation Video game journalist

Ben Kuchera is an American video game journalist whose career has included work at Ars Technica, The Penny Arcade Report, and Polygon. He lives in Cincinnati.[1]


Ben Kuchera began publishing video game related material via Ars Technica in the early 2000s, subsequently becoming a full-time employee of the site,[2] writing news, preview and review video game articles.[3] In 2012 he left Ars Technica to write for Penny Arcade.[2]

The Penny Arcade Report ceased operations after two years, in December 2013,[4][5] due to a re-focus of Penny Arcade's activities.[6]

In early 2014, Kuchera joined video game website Polygon as a senior opinion editor.[7][8]


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