Ben Lomond (Waikato)

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Barkhatnaya Sopka
Obsidian veins at Ben Lomond
Highest point
Elevation 744 m (2,441 ft)
Coordinates 38°35.7′S 175°57.2′E / 38.5950°S 175.9533°E / -38.5950; 175.9533
Location North Island, New Zealand
Mountain type Lava domes
Last eruption 100,000 years
Obsidian boulders at Ben Lomond
Obsidian specimen fallen from cliff

Ben Lomond is a rhyolite lava dome near Lake Taupo in New Zealand's North Island. Located about eight kilometres north-northeast of Kinloch, it rises to a height of 744 metres above sea level.

Ben Lomond erupted about 100,000 years ago, producing two lava lobes that flowed around 3.5 kilometres south and southwest from a vent about one kilometre south of Poihipi Road. Much of the lava formed grey banded obsidian as it cooled. Crystalline rhyolite and pumice were also produced.