Ben Macdhui (Eastern Cape)

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Ben Macdhui
Tiffindell approach during summer - panoramio.jpg
Tiffindell Ski Resort on the south facing slope of Ben Macdhui
Highest point
Elevation3,001 m (9,846 ft)
ListingList of mountains in South Africa
Coordinates30°38′53.16″S 27°56′6.92″E / 30.6481000°S 27.9352556°E / -30.6481000; 27.9352556Coordinates: 30°38′53.16″S 27°56′6.92″E / 30.6481000°S 27.9352556°E / -30.6481000; 27.9352556
Ben Macdhui is located in Eastern Cape
Ben Macdhui
Ben Macdhui
Location in the Eastern Cape
LocationEastern Cape, South Africa
Parent rangeDrakensberg

Ben Macdhui (also spelled Ben Macdui) is a 3,001-metre (9,846 ft) mountain in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It was named after Ben Macdui in Scotland. It is the highest peak in the Eastern Cape that is entirely within South Africa; Ben MacDhui is the highest pass in South Africa

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