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Mandelson in 2013

Ben Mandelson (born 6 October 1953, Everton, Liverpool, England)[1] is an English world musician, and also manager and producer.

Punk and New Wave years[edit]

In mid-1970s he was a student in Bolton Institute of Technology (now Bolton University), where he met Howard Devoto, future Buzzcocks and Magazine frontman. When punk emerged, he formed a band called Amazorblades, being the group's guitarist.

In 1981, he joined Howard Devoto's Magazine, replacing Robin Simon (who previously replaced a solid member of that band, John McGeoch) and playing on their last album Magic, Murder And The Weather.

World Music Years[edit]

In 1982, as "Hijaz Mustapha" he started playing with Lu Edmonds aka Uncle Patrel Mustapha Bin Mustapha, which led to the formation of 3 Mustaphas 3, a band that was active throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s.

He was founding director, in 1994, of the world music fair WOMEX.[2]

In 2009, together with Justin Adams and, again, Lu Edmonds, Mandelson formed the band Les Triaboliques[3] and released their debut album Rivermudtwilight.[4]


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