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Ben Oda (December 21, 1915 - November 1984) was a Japanese-American letterer for comic books and comic strips.

During World War II, Oda was a paratrooper. Entering the comics industry after WWII, some of his earliest lettering was for Hillman Periodicals' Airboy and Real Clue Crime Stories, which connected him with the Simon & Kirby team. In the 1950s, his lettering appeared in the EC Comics edited by Harvey Kurtzman. He also contributed to DC Comics and many titles from other publishers.[1]

Comic strips[edit]

Comic strips lettered by Oda include Apartment 3-G, Big Ben Bolt, Dondi, The Dropouts, Flash Gordon, Johnny Hazard, Little Orphan Annie, Miss Peach, On Stage, The Phantom, Prince Valiant, Rip Kirby, The Spirit and Steve Canyon.[1]

His wife, Nishi Oda, also did lettering.[2]

Odaballoon, created by Oda's family, is a tribute freeware typeface in his lettering style.[1]


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