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Ben Porritt also, Ben Merritt served as a spokesman in the McCain-Palin campaign during the 2008 United States presidential election. Porritt is the co-founder and president of Outside Eyes, a consulting firm specializing in corporate strategy and crisis management. Porritt serves as a regular on-air contributor for MSNBC and FOX and is a speaker at corporate events, academic institutions, and business forums across the country.


Since forming Outside Eyes, Porritt has worked with companies of varying sizes advising them on corporate strategy ranging from company formation and grassroots marketing to brand development and media relations.

Prior to joining Outside Eyes, Porritt worked for President George W. Bush and as the Press Secretary to the United States House Majority Leader, a position defined by the New York Times as the third most difficult in Washington, DC. In this role, he helped develop and implement the strategic course for the Republican Party, focusing the partys message on legislation and critical political issues.

Prior to his service on Capitol Hill, Porritt served as Deputy Communications Director for the Department of Justice and as Deputy Press Secretary for the 55th Presidential Inaugural Committee. Porritt also served as a spokesman during the 2004 presidential campaign, at which time he partook in the presidential debate team, where he built and directed the on-site rapid response department for each of the 2004 presidential debates. Prior to working on the campaign, Porritt worked in the West Wing of the White House for the Presidents press office.


Porritt earned a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and History from Bradley University where he has often served as a guest lecturer. He is also finishing his M.B.A. at the University of Southern California.[1]