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Ben Seresin
Born (1962-11-03) 3 November 1962 (age 57)[1]
RelativesMichael Seresin (brother)

Benjamin Paul Seresin, BSC, ASC (born 3 November 1962) is a New Zealand cinematographer. He is best known for his work on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, World War Z, and Unstoppable.[2]

He is the younger brother of Michael Seresin who is also a cinematographer.[citation needed]

Life and career[edit]

Ben Seresin was born Benjamin Paul Seresin to a Russian father and a New Zealand mother.[1] At the age of 18, he moved to Australia to enter the film industry.[1] After serving as a camera assistant for four years, he moved to the United Kingdom, where he has lived since 1992.[1] For his work on Unstoppable, he was nominated for the Satellite Award for Best Cinematography in 2010.[3]

Seresin described his approach to his work as "detached". “As a DP, you have to learn to both trust your eye and to be brave enough to say to the director ‘This is the wrong decision’".[4]

He has been a member of both the British Society of Cinematographers and American Society of Cinematographers since the early 2010s.[5]


Year Film Director Notes
1999 Best Laid Plans Mike Barker
2000 Circus Rob Walker
2004 A Good Woman Mike Barker
2007 Gone Ringan Ledwidge
2009 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Michael Bay
Free Agents James Griffiths TV movie
2010 Unstoppable Tony Scott Nominated- Satellite Award for Best Cinematography
2013 Broken City Allen Hughes
Pain & Gain Michael Bay
World War Z Marc Forster
2017 The Mummy Alex Kurtzman
2021 Chaos Walking Doug Liman
Godzilla vs. Kong Adam Wingard Post-production


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