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Benedictus (Ben) Springer (Amsterdam, 19 June 1897 - Paris, 29 August 1960) was a Dutch draughts player with a national Grand master title. He became world champion in 1928. One of the standard combinations in draughts, the Coup Springer, is named after him.

Dutch championships[edit]

Springer took part in the Dutch championships of draughts in 1919[1] and 1920.[2] He finished in both tournaments with a positive score but came in 4th and 3rd respectively.

World championschip[edit]

Springer became world champion of draughts in 1928 in Amsterdam.[3] He ended above Alfred Molimard. In 1931 he lost his title to Marius Fabre because Springer did not take part in the tournament for the world title that year.[4]


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