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Ben Tari (born 4 July 1972) is an Australian actor most known for his work as Jared Levine on All Saints, an Australian hospital drama.[1]

He is a graduate of the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA).He joined all Saints from 1998–2003, (Season 1-6) and stayed for consecutive 235 episodes and guest starred in 2005 in episode 320, season 8.[2] Ben tari has also starred in more than 180 episodes of home and away.

Tari is now an English and drama teacher at Dulwich Hill High School of Visual Arts and Design. He also serves as the year adviser for year 10. In the winter of 2014 Tari directed a high school production of Back to the 80s.[3]This production was highly acclaimed and well received, and in 2016, directed the production of A midsummer nights dream.