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The Ben Webster Prize is an annual jazz award set up by the Ben Webster Foundation to honour Danish and American jazz musicians as well as other professionals active in the promotion of jazz in those countries.[1] The American jazz musician Ben Webster spent his last ten years in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he became an active part of the city's thriving jazz scene. After his death, the Ben Webster Foundation was set up to channel his annual royalties to musicians in Denmark and America. The Ben Webster Prize is part of this effort.

The prize is handed out at an award ceremony in connection with a special concert which has taken place at various jazz venues, including the Jazzhus Montmartre, Huset, the Lake Pavilion, Copenhagen Jazzhouse, the Queen's Hall at the Royal Danish Library, Freetown Christiania's Jazzklub, Sofies Kælderen and Tivoli Gardens. The winner currently receives DKK 25,000.[1]


Year Recipient[2] Instrument
1977 Jesper Thilo Saxophones, clarinet
1978 Simon Spang-Hansen Saxophone
1979 Erling Kroner trombone
1980 Ole Molin Guitar
1981 Ernie Wilkins Arranger, bandleader
1982 Jesper Lundgaard
Mads Vinding
Double bass
Double bass
1983 Marilyn Mazur
Bent Jædig
1984 Allan Botschinsky Trumpet
1985 Jørgen Emborg
Cæcilie Norby
1986 Ole Kock Hansen Piano
1987 Jens Winther Trumpet
1988 Doug Raney Guitar
1989 Thomas Clausen Piano
1990 Ben Besiakov Piano
1991 Jonas Johansen (musician)
Tomas Franck
1992 Søren Kristiansen Piano
1993 Kristian Jørgensen
Finn Ziegler
1994 Niels Jørgen Steen
Christina Nielsen
Piano, arranger
1995 Henrik Bolberg Trumpet
1996 Jacob Fischer Guitar
1997 Svend-Erik Nørregaard
Carsten Dahl
1998 Benita Haastrup
Thomas Fryland
1999 (90 Years Honorary Prize) Alex Riel
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen
Olivier Antunes
Double bass
2000 Horace Parlan Piano
2001 Pernille Bevort
Per Møller Hansen
Television producer
2002 Christina von Bülow
Jens Klüver
2003 Bob Rockwell Tenor saxophone
2004 Jan Persson jazz photographer
2005 Jan zum Vohrde Alto saxophone, flute
2006 Morten Lund Drums
2007 Fredrik Lundin Saxophone
2008 Niels Lan Doky
Chris Minh Doky
Double bass
2009 Lennart Ginman Double bass
2010 Kresten Osgood Drums
2011 Bo Stief Double bass
2012 Jan Kaspersen Piano, Bandleader
2013 Jacob Christoffersen Keyboards
2014 Sinne Eeg Vocalist
2015 Uffe Steen Keyboards

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