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Ben Wong
Born (1967-10-20) 20 October 1967 (age 51)
OccupationActor, presenter
Years active1989–present
AwardsTVB Anniversary AwardsBest Supporting Actor
2011 Lives of Omission

Chinese name
Traditional Chinese黃智賢
Simplified Chinese黄智贤
Musical career
Also known asAh Hoi (阿海)
Spicy Ginger (辣薑)

Ben Wong Chi-yin (born 20 October 1967) is a Hong Kong actor best known for his roles as Yung Heung-hoi in the long-running drama series A Kindred Spirit and Spicy Ginger in the crime drama Lives of Omission, the latter winning him Best Supporting Actor at the 2011 TVB Anniversary Awards.



Title Year Role Notes
Killers' Code 1996 Fung Television film
Out of the Dark 1995 Ah Keung
Love Cruise 1997 Li Chak-hoi
Superstar in Running 2000 Television film
Prison on Fire - Life Sentence 2001 Tung
Love Battlefield 2004 Sing
The Room 2006 Yeung Kwong
Fearless 2007 Yeung Kwong
Love Is... 2007 Yeung Kwong
Tactical Unit – Comrades in Arms 2009 Commander Ho Ka-kit
Team of Miracle: We Will Rock You 2009 Cameo
Claustrophobia 2009 Michael
City Under Siege 2010 Inspector Tong
72 Tenants of Prosperity 2010 Leung Yu-sang Cameo
Life Without Principle 2011 Lee Chi-man
Turning Point 2 2011 Po Lik-chi
Firestorm 2013 S.D.U. Team Leader

Television dramas[edit]

Title Year Role Notes
The Heroes from Shaolin 1993 Tung Chin-kan / Lung Yeh
The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1994 Tolui
Detective Investigation Files II 1995 Lee Hon-keung Episode: "Resurrection?"
A Kindred Spirit 1995–99 Yung Heung-hoi TVB Anniversary Award for Best On-screen Couple (shared with Angie Cheong)
The Condor Heroes 95 1995 Kublai Khan
The Criminal Investigator 1995 Lam Wai-po Episodes 4–7
ICAC Investigators 1996 1996 Au-yeung Chun Episode 1: "Flying Over Barriers"
Triumph Over Evil 1997 Lin Nin
Justice Sung II 1999 Fai Lam-ming
Life for Life 1999 Ka-leung
The Sky is the Limit 2000
Loving You 2000 Wen Liangyu
A Dream Named Desire 2000–01 Tim Lui Chi-chung
Divine Retribution 2001 Chin Tou-tin
Love Out of Gamble 2001 Lin Ying
Legendary Fighter - Yang's Heroine 2001 Yang Yanzhao (Yang Liulang)
The Monk Jigong 2001 Yang Dayi
DNA 2002 Tong Wai-sang
Video Life 2002 Paul
Son from the Past 2004 Shing Shing aka Venture Across Time
Treacherous Waters 2004 Iron Fist
Chinese Paladin 2005 Wu King / Zhao Ye
Into Thin Air 2005 Lau Kwok-wai
Fantasy Hotel 2005 Alex Au Ngah-lik
The Zone 2005 Episode 6
Safe Guards 2006 Heung Hau
The Price of Greed 2006 Ching Chi-him Warehoused
Life Art 2007 Tsuen Ying-wai
The Green Grass of Home 2007 Hung Kwok-wai
Phoenix Rising 2007 Cheung Chi-hoi Warehoused
On the First Beat 2007 Superintendent Po Lik-chi
The Ultimate Crime Fighter 2007 Chong Man-hong
Forensic Heroes II 2008 Wong Ching-hung Episodes 1–3
Speech of Silence 2008 Sheung Fung
Dressage to Win 2008 Lee Sir Episode 8
Man in Charge 2009 Yim Gwoh
Rosy Business 2009 General Chiu Yat-ming
The Threshold of a Persona 2009 Sergeant Chung Chi-wing
Beyond the Realm of Conscience 2009 Onizuka Kojiro
The Beauty of the Game 2009–10 Leung Ching-on
Growing Through Life 2010 Michael Lam Man-ho
The Comeback Clan 2010 Paul Ka Po-law
No Regrets 2010 Cheng Siu-hong
Twilight Investigation 2010 Joe Cheng Yuen-ching
Links to Temptation 2010-11 "KC" Ho Kwok-cheung
A Great Way to Care 2011 Senior Inspector Chung Kwok-ban Released overseas in 2009
Grace Under Fire 2011 Tong Yuet-hang (youth)
The Life and Times of a Sentinel 2011 Kei To-ting Episode 1
Lives of Omission 2011 Spicy Ginger / Tang Kwok-ban TVB Anniversary Award for Best Supporting Actor
Next TV Awards for Male Scene Stealer
Nominated — My AOD Favourites Award for My Favourite Supporting Actor
Curse of the Royal Harem 2011 Ngok-tai
When Heaven Burns 2011-12 Bowman
The Hippocratic Crush 2012 Dr. John Chong Pok-man
Queens of Diamonds and Hearts 2012 Lord Shun-yeung
The Greatness of a Hero 2012 Turkic emperor Released overseas in 2009
Highs and Lows 2012 Chief Inspector Brian Poon Hok-lai Nominated — My AOD Favourites Award for My Favourite Supporting Actor
Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles 2012 Chai Yat-fai
A Great Way to Care II 2013 Senior Inspector Chung Kwok-ban
Always and Ever 2013 Ko Kai-on Episode 2-13 (11 episodes)
The Hippocratic Crush II 2013 Dr. John Chong Pok-man
Gilded Chopsticks 2014 Yinzhen, the Fourth Imperial Prince / Yongzheng Emperor Nominated - TVB Anniversary Award for Best Actor
The Ultimate Addiction 2014 Chow Sun-yung
Raising the Bar 2015 Marcus Fan Chi-ngai
Between Love & Desire 2016 Patrick Lui Wing-hang
Tiger Mom Blues 2017 Yim-Ha
Watch Out, Boss 2018 Marvin Hui
Birth of a Hero 2018 Chou Buqun
OMG, Your Honour 2018 John
The Ghetto-Fabulous Lady 2019

Hosting gigs[edit]

  • 1989: 陽光節拍一小時
  • 1991: Flash Fax (閃電傳真機)
  • 1996: 北極追蹤
  • 1997: 龍的光輝香港回歸大匯演
  • 1997–1998: TVB Anniversary Gala (萬千星輝賀台慶)
  • 1997–1998: Tung Wah Charity Show (歡樂滿東華)
  • 1998: Hong Thai Travels: United States Special (康泰旅遊特輯《美國特輯》)
  • 1998: Miss Hong Kong 1998
  • 1999: Po Leung Kuk (星光熠熠耀保良)
  • 1999: Hong Thai Travels: Spain Special (康泰旅遊特輯《西班牙特輯》)
  • 1999: Hong Thai Travels: Portugal Special (康泰旅遊特輯《葡萄牙特輯》)
  • 1999: 護苗基金慈善夜
  • 1999: 活得精彩獻再生
  • 2002: The 8th Annual Most Popular TV Commercial Award (第八屆十大電視廣告頒獎典禮)
  • 2010: Enoch's Footptint: Greece (以諾遊蹤-希臘保羅疾風之旅)
  • 2011: Enoch's Footprint: Israel (以諾遊蹤 - 以色列 穌哥行傳)
  • 2011: World Heritage List: China Danxia (世界遺產名錄 飛越丹霞) (Episodes 1–3)


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