Ben et Thomas

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Ben et Thomas
Created by Jon Carnoy and Mike Horelick
Starring Anthony Marocco
Amezienne Rehaz
Daphnée Chollet
Country of origin France
No. of episodes 13
Running time 25 minutes
Original network France 4
Original release 2008 – 2008

Ben et Thomas is a French TV series created by Mike Horelick and Jon Carnoy that first aired on May 31, 2008 on France 4.


Ben Rosenberg and Thomas Verne are two highschool friends into skateboard. One is a geek, the other is more down-to-earth, but they make a great pair. Though their friendship is tested when Liselott, a beautiful blonde, arrives at school.

The series revolves around these teenagers and their family, school and love life.



1st season (2008)[edit]

  1 (1-01) : The Hill (La Pente)
  2 (1-02) : Martine Love Affair (Ben et Martine)
  3 (1-03) : Liselott Arrives (L'arrivée de Liselott)
  4 (1-04) : Teacher's Affair (Canular)
  5 (1-05) : Mercier, Le Meurtrier (Lemercier, le meurtrier)
  6 (1-06) : Lise Choice (Le choix de Liselott)
  7 (1-07) : Dine & Dash (Restau-Basket)
  8 (1-08) : Rap Group (Rap Group)
  9 (1-09) : Art Show (L'expo)
 10 (1-10) : Dogtown (La compète)
 11 (1-11) : Cool Crowd (Bobard)
 12 (1-12) : Slalom (Slalom)
 13 (1-13) : Petit Louis (Petit Louis)


  • Victoria Monfort, who appears in episode 7, is the daughter of famous French sportscaster Nelson Monfort.
  • Young actor Azdine Keloua was replaced by Amezienne Rehaz as Thomas Verne at the last minute.
  • The creators of the series, Mike Horelick and Jon Carnoy, are both skateboard fans and are the basis for the characters.
  • The series is inspired by the feature Pee Stains and Other Disasters.