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Benalto is located in Alberta
Location of Benalto Alberta

Benalto is a hamlet in central Alberta, Canada within Red Deer County.[1] It is located approximately 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) west of the Town of Sylvan Lake nestled within rolling parklands. Benalto is also recognized by Statistics Canada as a designated place.[2]

Benalto has a traditional community form, however with obsolescence of the railway and related infrastructure, the structure and function of the community have changed. The proximity of Benalto to Sylvan Lake and the City of Red Deer make it desirable as a place to live that combines small town living with big city convenience, and the hamlet is identified as an area likely to experience growth.[citation needed]

Kountry Meadow Estates, a manufactured home community and designated place recognized by Statistics Canada, is immediately adjacent to the Hamlet of Benalto. Although it forms part of the community, the hamlet's boundaries do not include the manufactured home park at this time.


As a designated place in the 2011 Census, Benalto had a population of 175 living in 61 of its 68 total dwellings, a 31.6% change from its 2006 population of 133. With a land area of 0.52 km2 (0.20 sq mi), it had a population density of 337/km2 (872/sq mi) in 2011.[3]

In 2007, Statistics Canada originally published Benalto's 2006 federal census population as 385 living in 163 dwellings.[2] With a land area of 0.67 km2 (0.26 sq mi), the initial federal census numbers resulted in a population density of 575.7/km2 (1,491/sq mi).

However, Statistics Canada subsequently revised Benalto's 2006 population to 133 living in 51 dwellings[4] when it split the designated place of Benalto into two separate designated places – Benalto and Kountry Meadow Estates. As a result, Statistics Canada published Kountry Meadow Estates' 2006 population as 252 living in 112 dwellings.[4] Revised areas for the two designated places were not published.

Regardless, the 2006 population of the greater Benalto community was 385, which included 133 in Benalto and 252 in the adjacent Kountry Meadow Estates manufactured home park.

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Coordinates: 52°18′28″N 114°16′42″W / 52.30778°N 114.27833°W / 52.30778; -114.27833 (Benalto)