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Bench or The Bench can refer to:





  • Bench (geology), a long, relatively narrow strip of relatively level or gently inclined land of differing origins that is bounded by distinctly steeper slopes above and below it
  • Benches, steps cut into the side of open-pit mines

Law and politics[edit]

  • Bench (law), the location where a judge sits while in court, often a raised desk in a courtroom; also refers to the judiciary as a whole, and to a group of judges hearing a case and judging on a case
    • Bench, the panel or body of justices of the peace in a specific county under the traditional English system of magistracy




  • Bench language, spoken in the Bench Maji Zone of Ethiopia
    • Bench people, an ethnic group of Ethiopia, speakers of the Bench language
  • Benching or bentching, an English-language term for reciting Birkat Hamazon


  • Bench, the place where players available for substitution wait (synonymously dugout); also referred to the players as such
  • Bench (weight training), a piece of weight training equipment
  • Bench press, one of three power-lifting exercises
  • The Bench, the student rooting section for the University of California men's basketball team

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