Scarchives Vol. 1

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Scarchives Vol. 1
Scarchive vol 1 by lordi.jpg
Compilation album by
Released3 September 2012
GenreHard rock, heavy metal, shock rock
LabelSony Music
Lordi chronology
Babez For Breakfast
Scarchives Vol. 1
To Beast or Not to Beast

Scarchives Vol. 1 is a CD and DVD digi-pak compilation from the Finnish band Lordi, released on 3 September 2012. The compilation contains rare archive materials from Lordi, and was released to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the band. The CD contains a previously unreleased studio album recorded in 1997, Bend Over and Pray the Lord. The original version of the song, "Get Heavy" (recorded in 1997), and a previously unreleased song entitled "Hulking Dynamo" (from the Get Heavy recording sessions in 2002) are included as a bonus track . The DVD includes a gallery of unreleased songs from 2002; as well as the full video from Lordi's first concert (in Helsinki, 2002), which has an audio commentary by Mr. Lordi. The DVD was edited by Lordi's former drummer, Tonmi "Otus" Lillman.[1]

The compilation was exclusively released in the Rokkikauppa webstore, limited to 500 copies, and it is seen as a rare collectors' item amongst Lordi fans. The fans who pre-ordered the compilation also received one of Lordi's anniversary plectrums free of charge.[1][2]

Unused Bend Over and Pray the Lord material[edit]

Bend Over and Pray the Lord cover art

Bend Over and Pray the Lord was actually the band's first album, recorded in 1997, but not released at the time. Ari Tiainen, the owner of their record company, originally planned to publish the album; however, the company did not have sufficient resources to market it. Tiainen then recommended Lordi to the record label, Kimmo Hirvonen, owned by Anaconda Records. Anaconda Records went bankrupt shortly before the album's planned release date, so its release was canceled. The album materials sat unpublished for fifteen years.

The album contains a Kiss cover-song "Almost Human". In Lordi's version "Almost Human"-song fades out, only to come back even louder, and then fade out a second time. This idea was taken from Kiss' song "I Love It Loud".

Track listing[edit]

Bend Over and Pray the Lord (CD)[edit]

  1. "Playing The Devil (Bend Over and Pray the Lord)" - 4:10
  2. "Cyberundertaker" - 4:35
  3. "Steamroller" - 4:42
  4. "Almost Human" § - 3:14
  5. "Idol" - 5:12
  6. "Paint in Blood" - 3:48
  7. "Death Suits You Fine" - 3:55
  8. "I Am the Leviathan" - 3:26
  9. "Take Me to Your Leader" - 4:25
  10. "Monstermotorhellmachine" - 5:13
  11. "The Dead Are The Family" - 3:35
  12. "White Lighting Moonshine" - 5:07
  13. "With Love And Slegdehammer" - 3:59
  14. "Get Heavy" (bonus track) - 3:00
  15. "Hulking Dynamo" (bonus track) - 3:03
§ NOTE: Track is a Kiss song cover

Get Heavy—First Gig Ever (DVD)[edit]

  • Lordi's very first concert:
  1. Getting Ready
  2. Scarctic Circle Gathering
  3. Get Heavy
  4. Hellbender Turbulence
  5. Devil Is a Loser
  6. Dynamite Tonite
  7. Icon of Dominance
  8. Enary Solo
  9. Biomechanic Man
  10. Monster Monster
  11. Not the Nicest Guy
  12. Last Kiss Goodbye
  13. Rock the Hell Outta You
  14. Would You Love a Monsterman?
  • Commentary track with Mr. Lordi
  • Gallery of unreleased merchandise from 2002





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