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Houses in Bendale
Houses in Bendale
Bendale is located in Toronto
Location within Toronto
Coordinates: 43°46′N 79°14′W / 43.76°N 79.24°W / 43.76; -79.24Coordinates: 43°46′N 79°14′W / 43.76°N 79.24°W / 43.76; -79.24
Country  Canada
Province  Ontario
City Toronto Toronto
Community Scarborough
Changed Municipality 1998 Toronto from Scarborough
 • MP Salma Zahid (Scarborough Centre)
 • MPP Brad Duguid (Scarborough Centre)
 • Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker (Ward 38 Scarborough Centre)

Bendale, also called Cedarbrae, is a residential neighbourhood in the eastern part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It is located in the former suburb of Scarborough. It is centred on the intersection of Lawrence Avenue East and Brimley Road. Its boundaries, as defined by the City, are Midland Avenue from Lawrence, north to Highway 401, east to McCowan, south to Lawrence, east to West Highland Creek, south-west along West Highland Creek, then follow several side streets parallel to the Creek, north to Midland Avenue. The area north of Ellesmere is typically considered the Scarborough City Centre district, and is not considered in this neighbourhood article.


The area is primarily residential. Of the residential dwellings, 39% are single-detached homes and 42% are apartment buildings. The population, as recorded in 2011 was 27,876.[1] The area is ethnically diverse, like much of Toronto, but prior to 2006, has had a higher influx of immigrants from South Asia than the rest of Toronto.[2] In 2011, the most common mother tongue and language spoken at home was Tamil.[1]

Landmarks in the area include Scarborough Hospital at Lawrence and McCowan. The Scarborough Museum is located at Brimley north of Lawrence. Located at Midland and Lawrence is the Jame Abu Bakr Siddique Mosque. Its tall minaret can be seen from Brimley Road up to the Lawrence Station overpass.

A section of the neighbourhood is known as the "Ben Jungle", located north of Lawrence Avenue between McCowan and Bellamy Roads, where all the street names begin with Ben. Examples include:

  • Benleigh, Benshire and Ben Nevis Drives
  • Benfrisco, Benhur and Benorama Crescents
  • Benadair and Benprice Courts
  • Ben Stanton and Ben Doran Boulevards.


The public schools in the area include Bendale Jr. P.S., North Bendale Jr. P.S., Edgewood P.S., Donwood J.P.S., Hunter's Glen J.P.S., Highbrook Learning Centre (formerly S.P.S.), Bendale Business and Technical Institute and David and Mary Thomson Collegiate Institute with the latter two to be merged.

The Catholic public schools are St. Albert Catholic School, St. Victor Catholic School, St. Richard Catholic School and St. Rose of Lima Catholic School. Its graduates attend Jean Vanier Catholic Secondary School just south of the neighborhood.

Jamiah Islamiyah of Scarborough is a private seminary located at the intersection of between Lawrence Avenue and Midland Avenue. The seminary is a branch of the Jame Abu Bakr Siddique Mosque. There are over 400 students attending the school and about 20 teachers. The school teaches Hifz (Memorization of the Qur'an) and Alim courses (Higher Islamic Education).[3]

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