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Bendyshe Layton (died 17 January 1918) was a British businessman and member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong.

He was with the firm of Gibb, Livingston & Co., one of the leading trading firms in the East during the late 19th century. He later started his own business firm, Layton & Co., as a bill and bullion broker.[1]

In 1888, he was nominated by the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce to sit temporarily in the Legislative Council during the absence of A. P. MacEwen.[1]

He left Hong Kong in around 1913 or 1914 due to his health issue and lived in Britain until his death on 17 January 1918.[1]

He had a son named G. B. Layton, who succeeded him as the head of the Layton & Co.[1]


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Legislative Council of Hong Kong
Preceded by
A. P. MacEwen
Unofficial Member
Representative for Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
Succeeded by
A. P. MacEwen