Benedetto Giustiniani

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Benedetto Giustiniani
Cardinal Benedetto Giustiniani (1554-1621).jpg
ChurchCatholic Church
SeeRoman Catholic Suburbicarian Diocese of Porto-Santa Rufina
Appointed31 August 1620
Term ended21 September 1631
PredecessorGiovanni Evangelista Pallotta
SuccessorFrancesco Maria Bourbon del Monte
Other postsPapal treasurer, Papal legate to Bologna
Consecration2 July 1612
by Pope Paul V
Created cardinal16 November 1586
Personal details
Born5 June 1554
Genoa, Italy
Died27 March 1621(1621-03-27) (aged 66)
BuriedSanta Maria sopra Minerva

Benedetto Giustiniani (5 June 1554 – 27 March 1621) was an Italian clergyman who was made a cardinal in the consistory of 16 November 1586 by Pope Sixtus V.

He participated in the papal conclaves of 1592 and 1621. From 1615 to 1620 he was bishop of the Sabina and from 1620 to 1621 of Porto. Either he or his brother Vincenzo commissioned the 1621-1629 painting of Saint John the Evangelist by Domenichino. His postmortem inventory contained 280 paintings.[1]


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Benedetto Giustiniani medal (1606)