Benedetto da Fiesole

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Fra Benedetto da Fiesole, also known as Benedetto da Mugello (died 1448) was an Italian artist.


Benedetto was born at the village of Vicchio, in the province of Mugello, was a brother — probably younger — of the celebrated Fra Angelico, and with him entered the convent of San Domenico at Fiesole, in 1407, taking the name of 'Frater Benedictus,' by which he is usually known. For three years previous to his death, which occurred in 1448, beheld the post of superior of that convent. Fra Benedetto was a miniaturist of talent. He illuminated the choral books of San Marco, Florence, and also books in the convent of San Domenico, Fiesole. He is supposed also to have assisted Fra Angelico in his frescoes in San Marco.[1]