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Bénédict-School (Bénédict-Schulen)
CT13 9JX

TypeFoundation grammar school
FounderGaston Bénédict
Department for Education URN118900 Tables
PresidentH. Meister
Age11 to 30

The Benedict School (German: Bénédict-Schule) is the largest private school in Switzerland. It includes various types of schools such as the Language School, the Commercial School, the Business Administration School, the Hotel Management School, Health Care and Information Technology, is also a part of the Benedict International Education Group.

The Bénédict Schools are located throughout Switzerland with branches in Zurich, Bern, Lucerne and St. Gallen. Young adults, who have completed 10 years of formal schooling, can take up various courses here, such as Business Administration, and Information Technology. Classes are offered on adult/further education, Language, Commerce, Medicine, Health and Information Technology.


  • Dr. Gaston Bénédict, a linguist and a former professor at the University of Southern California, established his first school in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1928.
  • The first Benedict language manual appeared in 1930.
  • The Benedict-School' Zurich was founded in 1975. The Free-System was introduced in 1977. The business school for formal graduation was founded in 1982.
  • The areas of medicine and health were added in 2004.

Partner Schools of Bénédict are[edit]

  • BVS Business-School
  • BHMS Business and Hotel management School Luzern

Partner Universities[edit]

  • Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen (UK)
  • City University of Seattle, WA USA


The Bénédict Schools use the free-system for the students language, which involves the participants setting their own content and speed of learning.


10. School Year[edit]

The goal is to get young people to make independent career choices through deeper insight and consolidation of previous education that will allow an optimal integration into a job, higher or graduate education.

Business School[edit]

The Business School offers to all Bénédict Schools a complete business curriculum. The awards are accredited through the Swiss Association of Commerce Schools (VSH) with a recognized Office - and Commerce Diploma as well as a certified Swiss Confederate "Fähigkeitszeugnis" as Businessman / Businesswoman. The extra-occupational trade school is also certified through the VSH with a certified Diploma.

Health Care[edit]

Continuing education courses in various medical areas are also offered, such as Dr. med. and hospital secretarial skills, health counselor and fitness trainers.

Information Technology[edit]

Additional to basic IT subjects, recognized and certified SIZ / ECDL Diplomas are also awarded.


Bénédict Schools are certified by an eduQua- certification, Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems SQS in Further Education.

Famous Graduates[edit]

- Lucien Favre: Trainer of the FCZ


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