Benedictine monastery in Abu Ghosh

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Abu Ghosh monastery

The Benedictine monastery in Abu Ghosh is a monastery run by the Olivetan Benedictine order. It is located in an old Crusader church built on Roman ruins in the center of the village of Abu Ghosh, Israel.


Church interior with Crusader-era frescoes

The Gothic-style church was built by the Hospitallers in 1140.[1] It was acquired by the French government in 1899 and placed under guardianship of the French Benedictine Fathers. Edward Robinson (1838) described it as “obviously from the time of the crusades, and [...] more perfectly preserved than any other ancient church in Palestine.” Excavations carried out in 1944 confirm that the Crusaders identified the site as the biblical Emmaus. The church is built over an ancient spring.

From 1956, the monastery was run by the Lazarist Fathers.

Today a double monastery of nuns and priests worship in the church and offer hospitality, commemorating the Old Testament story of the couple on the Jerusalem–Emmaus road.[1]


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Coordinates: 31°48′26.74″N 35°6′26.59″E / 31.8074278°N 35.1073861°E / 31.8074278; 35.1073861