Benedita Pereira

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Benedita Pereira
Born Benedita Gonçalves Aires Pereira
Porto, Portugal
Residence New York City, New York,
Occupation Actress

Benedita Gonçalves Aires Pereira is a Portuguese actress. She was born in Porto.

She received her training from the Balleteatro Training Centre. She had some periods of training with theater, cinema and television professionals such as Carla Bolito, António Pedro Vasconcelos or Nicolau Breyner.

She was directed by Filipe Crawford in the play "Ubardo" by Luísa Costa Gomes in Teatro Nacional S. João (1998/99) and by Carlos Fraga in the play "1755 O Grande Terramoto" (1755 The Big Earthquake) in Teatro da Trindade (2006).

She made her first appearances in television in "A Lenda da Garça" (The Legend Of The Heron) (1999) and "O Bairro da Fonte" (Quarter Of The Fountain) (2002), however it was as the protagonist of the first edition of the youthful series "Morangos com Açúcar" (2003/04) that she achieved great popularity. She has continued to appear in other soap operas, such as "Tempo de Viver" (2006) and "Ninguém Como Tu" (2005).

Today, she lives in New York City with actress Daniela Ruah, whilst attending the Lee Strasberg Institute. She also starred as voice-over in the 2012 videogame Max Payne 3 as Fabiana, a São Paulo socialite, and secondary character in the game.

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