Benefits of Thinking Out Loud

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Benefits of Thinking Out Loud
Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud Tank Records.jpg
Original cover art, Tank Records
Studio album by Smackin' Isaiah
Studio album by A Wilhelm Scream
Released 2001, 2002 (reissue), 2003 (reissue)
Recorded Black & Blue Studios, New Bedford, MA
Genre Punk rock, melodic hardcore
Length 28:46
Label Tank Records, Jump Start Records (both reissues)
Producer Joe Reilly, Smackin' Isaiah
Alternative covers
Second reissue cover art, Jump Start Records
Second reissue cover art, Jump Start Records
Promotion and online presales cover art, never printed
Promotion and online presales cover art, never printed
A Wilhelm Scream chronology
The Way To A Girl's Heart Is Through...
Benefits Of Thinking Out Loud
Mute Print

Benefits of Thinking Out Loud, released in 2001 through Tank Records, is the second full-length release from the Massachusetts based melodic hardcore band now known as A Wilhelm Scream.


Originally recorded and released through Tank Records in 2001 under their at the time current name, Smackin' Isaiah. Oddly enough, the album was sold in DVD covers, not regular CD covers. The record has been described by the band to be their first serious approach.

After signing with Jump Start Records in 2002, the new label reissued the album twice, first in 2002 and again in 2003. The first reissue was done under the name Smackin' Isaiah, in promotion of their signing, whilst the second under A Wilhelm Scream, promoting their name change. The 2003 reissue sold better than expected, leading to a repressing in 2004.

The album artwork for the original and first reissue are identical, whilst the second reissue, though being very similar, has some alterations. The first obviously being which band name is featured (Smackin' Isaiah on the original release and first reissue, A Wilhelm Scream on the second), followed by location of the album title (centered over the band name on the original release and first reissue and right under the band name on the second) and then location of the hangman (hanging from the second 'I' in Isaiah on the original release and first reissue and from the "I" in Wilhelm on the second). There has also been observed a third version of the album art, where the hangman hangs from the "M" in Wilhelm and the album title is left under the band name, however this has been confirmed by Jeremy Myers of Jump Start Records to only have been used for promotion and sales before the release of the second reissue. Before being sent off for print, the cover was changed in the way of the second reissue and has therefore never been printed. Additionally, photos and credits for John Carvalho were mysteriously removed from the liner notes after the first pressing.

Track listing[edit]

Lyrics by Trevor Reilly, with the exceptions of #3 by Reilly and Nuno Pereira, #8 by Reilly, Pereira and Jonathan Teves, #9 by Teves and #11 by Nicholas Pasquale Angelini. Music by A Wilhelm Scream.

No. Title Length
1. "Hike" 0:37
2. "It'll Happen to You" 3:10
3. "A Chapter of Accidents" 2:40
4. "The Big Fall" 2:00
5. "Catharsis for Dummies" 2:43
6. "Halcyon Days" 2:07
7. "Beautiful Girl Disease" 1:00
8. "Better Health Through Screaming in Tune" 3:16
9. "You Kiss Their Ass and They Shit on You" 2:16
10. "September 10th" 2:19
11. "You Make Me Feel Like I Need a Psychiatric Evaluation" 0:47
12. "Class of '97" 1:47
13. "Month of Sundays" 4:10



  • Engineered, mixed and mastered by: Joe Reilly
  • Produced by: Joe Reilly and Smackin' Isaiah
  • Recorded at Black and Blue Studio, New Bedford, MA
  • Distributed by: Morphius Distribution (2003 reissue) and RED Distribution (2004 repressing)
  • Recording type: Studio
  • Recording mode: Stereo
  • SPAR Code: n/a