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Benelli M1 Super 90
Place of originItaly
Production history
ManufacturerBenelli Armi Spa.
Mass3.18-3.63 kg (7.0-8.0 lbs)

Cartridge12 or 20-gauge shells or slugs
Caliber12 or 20 gauge
Barrels20", 18.5", 14"
ActionInertia-operated Semi-automatic
Feed system3-7 round tubular magazine, depending on model

The Benelli M1 (Super 90) is a semi-automatic shotgun manufactured by Benelli Armi S.P.A.. It is available in several versions for civilian, law enforcement and military use. It features the proprietary Benelli recoil system, known for its reliability and easy maintenance. The standard model features an aluminum alloy receiver and tubular magazine, and is available with a standard or pistol grip stocks. The M1 Super 90 can be fitted with traditional iron sights, or ghost ring diopter sights. Mounts are available for laser pointers and tactical flashlights. Due to the inertia recoil system, the M1 should use heavier loads to cycle properly but because the action is inertia driven vs. the traditional gas cycling operation it can fire and reliably cycle lighter loads.[1]

The M1 was succeeded by the Benelli M2, Benelli M3 and Benelli M4 models.

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