Benelli Nova

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Benelli Nova
Benelli nova camo.jpg
A Benelli Nova shotgun with a camouflage camo
Type Pump action shotgun
Place of origin Italy
Production history
Manufacturer Benelli
Unit cost USD$350–455
Variants Supernova
Weight 8 lbs. (3.63kg)
Length 45.5-49.5 in. (1,155.7-1,257.3mm)
Barrel length 18½-28 in. (609.6-711.2mm)

Cartridge 12-gauge shotshell, 20-Gauge Shotshell
Action Pump-action
Feed system 4+1 internal magazine
Sights Mid: Metal bead
Front: Red bar

The Benelli Nova is a pump action shotgun, popular for hunting and self-defense. Its most innovative and distinguishing feature is a one-piece receiver and buttstock, made of steel-reinforced polymer.[1]

Technical specifications[edit]

Two main models are available as well as one variant.


This model is available with a variety of barrel and sight configurations, most intended for hunting and/or trap/skeet shooting. It is made in both Matte and camouflage finishes. Due to the polymer coated receiver and stock, along with proprietary coatings on the action and barrel, it is considered impervious to the elements. Barrels may be rifled or smoothbore, and are usually 24", 26", or 28" long. This model is available in 12 gauge or 20 gauge. Five types of chokes are available. Typically sold with improved modified and full, internal chokes. extended aftermarket chokes available.


This model is intended for defensive purposes. With an 18½" barrel, and rifle or ghost- ring (diopter) sights, it is easier to wield and quicker to sight than hunting models. This barrel is smoothbore, and not tapped for chokes, reducing its versatility and rendering it less accurate at longer ranges. A slightly different model labeled the H2O Nova is similar, with the exception of an electroless nickel finish replacing the standard black coating, presumably with corrosion resistance in mind. This model is 12 gauge only.[1]


This model incorporates a number of recoil reducing features, and has a removable stock that can be replaced by a pistol-grip stock. This model has a bigger trigger set.

Common Features[edit]

  • Synthetic Stock and Receiver Cover: for moisture resistance.
  • Cross Bolt Safety
  • Extendable Magazine: may optionally hold up to 7 rounds in magazine. (2.75in. 12 gauge)
  • 3.5in. chamber: will fire and reliably cycle 2.75in., 3in., and 3.5in. shells. (in 12 gauge)
  • Recoil Reducer: this optional mercury recoil unit is installed via a bracket that is attached to the interior of the stock. The baffled tube holds 14 oz. of mercury, which raises the length of time that the shot's impulse is spread across, thus lowering felt recoil.
  • Optional Tritium Sights: for tactical units, to provide constantly illuminated sights.
  • Chamber Empty Button: on the forend, allows unloading of unfired shell without releasing additional shells from the magazine. This is very useful for so-called "slug select" drills, where the user needs to quickly select a different type of ammunition (for example, a slug in order to engage a target at longer range.) The operator simply depresses the button as he cycles the action back; the chambered shell will be ejected, but the magazine will not feed another shell. The user then places the desired shell into the chamber and closes the action. On another shotgun without this feature, if the magazine were full, the user would have to cycle the shotgun to eject the chambered shell and make room in the magazine, then insert the desired shell into the magazine, then cycle the action again. This means that two shells are needlessly ejected.

Recoil Reducer[edit]

Recoil without the internal reducer can be harsh using the 3.5 inch shells. The shotgun is very light due to its composite/steel construction. This light weight shotgun lends itself to heavy recoil using heavy loads with high velocities. The recoil reducer helps reduce the felt recoil and allows the shooter to obtain a faster second shot. The recoil reducer is an option and must be purchased separately from a Benelli dealer or any of the more common shotgun web sites, or incorporated in the original sale/order (the recoil reducer is standard on all Benelli Supernova.)

The recoil reducer consists of two elements; the apparatus that connects to the stock via the buttstock compartment, and the mercury element that is inserted into the recoil apparatus.


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