Benetice (Světlá nad Sázavou)

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Benetice is a small village near the town Světlá nad Sázavou in the Vysočina Region, Czech Republic.

There was a glass factory in Benetice. It does not exist anymore, but some local names of places are derived from the parts of the glass factory as name Na sušírnách or Sklárenský rybník (the name of a pond). There is recreation camp in Benetice. It was used as pioneer camp (pioneers were people organized in one group in Czech republic) and it was used for young people from Hungary, Poland, and Germany.

A linden-tree grows on village green of Benetice. It was planted in 1945.

The castle Lipnice can be seen from Benetice.

History of name of village[edit]

  • 1375 – Beneczicze
  • 1787 – Benetitz


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Coordinates: 49°41′01″N 15°21′19″E / 49.68361°N 15.35528°E / 49.68361; 15.35528