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The Bengal Native Infantry was part of the organisation of the East India Company's Bengal Army before the Indian rebellion of 1857.

The infantry regiments underwent frequent changes of numbering during their period of existence. The traditional formation of British and Presidency armies' regiments was by a hierarchy in which the "1st Regiment" was the oldest and the highest number was given to the youngest. In 1764, the Bengal Native Infantry regiments were renumbered in the order of the seniority of their captain.[1]

The vast majority of the Bengal Native Infantry regiments rebelled in the Indian Rebellion of 1857.[2]

1825 list of Regiments[edit]

20th (Punjab) Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry (formerly 24th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry; now 6th Battalion The Punjab Regiment, Pakistan Army); painting by Walter Fane, 1868
Subadar of the 21st Bengal Native Infantry, 1819 (published in An Assemblage of Indian Army Soldiers & Uniforms from the original paintings by the late Chater Paul Chater
A group photograph of 21st (Punjab) Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry, 1866
Portrait of General William Martin Cafe VC, a veteran of the Indian Mutiny; Captain Cafe served with the 56th Bengal Native Infantry, Indian Army during the Indian Mutiny


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