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A Bengawan Solo store at The Arcade

Bengawan Solo is a bakery in Singapore. It has 38 outlets islandwide with a factory at 23 Woodlands. The bakery makes kueh, buns, cakes, cookies and mooncakes. All products are prepared at Woodlands and delivered to the stores 2-3 times daily.


It was founded in 1979 by Tjendri Anastasia or Anastasia Liew, who emigrated from Indonesia.

The first Bengawan Solo Cake Shop was set up in Marine Terrace.

According to the website of the company,[1] Anastasia had initially started an unlicensed home baking business of Indonesian delicacies in their HDB apartment, before the Singapore Ministry of Environment caught up with her, an incident that compelled her to found and register her business in 1979.



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