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Benge in his studio, London, 2008

Benge is the artist name of Ben Edwards (born 1967), a musician and producer based in London, England. The main focus of his work is within the experimental electronic music field.[1]

Solo career[edit]

He launched the record label Expanding Records as an outlet for his debut album Electro-orgoustic Music in 1995. The label, which focuses on instrumental electronic music, continued to grow and now has a roster of approximately 20 artists from around the world. He also runs a music studio called Play Studios in London which houses a large collection of vintage electronic synthesisers and other recording equipment.[2]

In 2008 Benge released his tenth studio album Twenty Systems, a concept album which featured twenty tracks made on twenty different synthesisers between the years 1968 - 1988 and an accompanying book describing the instruments and the development of the synthesiser in general. The album was called 'a brilliant contribution to the archaeology of electronic music' by Brian Eno.[3]

Benge solo albums[4][edit]

  • Electro-orgoustic Music | Expanding Records | 1995
  • Beautiful Electronic Music | Expanding Records | 1996
  • Polyrythmic Electronica | Expanding Records | 1996
  • I, Computor | Expanding Records | 1997
  • Home Music | Expanding Records | 1998
  • The Very Best of Benge | Sub Rosa / Quatermass | 1999
  • Experimental Non-Vocal Electronic Pop | Expanding Records | 1999
  • Silicon Valleys | Sub Rosa / Quatermass | 2000
  • Meme Tunes | Expanding Records | 2002
  • I Am 9 | Expanding Records | 2005
  • Twenty Systems | Expanding Records | 2008

Other projects[edit]

Benge has been involved in several collaborations over the years. See below for a further discography. He has also been involved in the production of other artists records which were recorded at his London studio. Recent albums by Tunng, Beth Jeans Houghton and Hannah Peel have all been recorded and mixed there with Benge's involvement (alongside Mike Lindsay of Tunng). Benge has also co-produced an album by singer songwriter Serafina Steer, Change is Good.

Benge co-wrote and produced an album with John Foxx (founder of Ultravox!) released in early 2011 under the name John Foxx & The Maths. The album Interplay gained wide critical acclaim.[5] Benge has also performed live with John Foxx and The Maths, including a nine date UK tour, plus festivals in Poland and Belgium. A second album The Shape of Things by John Foxx and the Maths was released prior to the tour in October 2011 and was initially on sale at concerts only. A live performance with John Foxx and the Maths at The Roundhouse in London in June 2010 was captured on the CD/DVD release Analogue Circuit: Live At The Roundhouse (2012). Two further albums Evidence (2012) and Rhapsody (2013) have been released, the latter made up of recorded live at Benge's MemeTune Studios in November 2011.

He has further collaborated with John Foxx and classical violinist Diana Yukawa releasing the album Codex under the collective name of Ghost Harmonic in 2015.[6]

Benge has also recorded collaborative albums under the following names: Volume (with Richard Lee and Paul Elliott), Tennis (with Douglas Benford), Stendec (with Paul Merritt), Oblong (with Dave Nice and Sid Stronach), Wrangler (with Phil Winter of Tunng, and Stephen Mallinder), and Great Guns (with Jean Gabriel Becker).

Discography of collaborative albums[7][edit]

  • Volume | 'Computer Gun' | Expanding Records | 1999
  • Volume | 'Evolver' | Expanding Records | 2000
  • Tennis | 'Wooden Sweets' | Electro-Chemical Research | 2000
  • Tennis | 'Europe on Horseback' | Bip Hop | 2001
  • Tennis | 'Furlines' | Bip Hop | 2003
  • Stendec | 'A Study of And' | Expanding Records | 2004
  • Oblong | 'Indicator' | Expanding Records | 2006
  • John Foxx & The Maths | 'Interplay' | Metamatic Recordings | 2011
  • John Foxx & The Maths | 'The Shape of Things' | Metamatic Recordings | 2011
  • John Foxx & The Maths | 'Evidence' | Metamatic Recordings | 2012
  • Wrangler | 'LA Spark' | MemeTune | 2014
  • Ghost Harmonic | 'Codex' | Metamatic Records | 2015


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