Bengt Anders Euphrasén

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Bengt Anders Euphrasén
Born 1756[1]
Västergötland, Sweden[1]
Died 25 December 1796(1796-12-25)[1]
Stockholm, Sweden[1]
Fields Botany[1]
Author abbrev. (botany) Euphrasén

Bengt Anders Euphrasén (born 1756 in the parish of Habo, historical province of Västergötland, Sweden; died 25 December 1796 in Stockholm) was a Swedish botanist.[1][2] Euphrasén graduated from Uppsala University in 1784.[1]

In 1788, with the support of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Euphrasén made a natural history trip to the Antilles,[1] which included Saint Barthélemy and Saint Christopher island (today Saint Kitts).[3] Euphrasén was appointed deputy of Botany[where?].[1]



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