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Bengt Knut Erik af Klintberg (b. 25 December 1938 in Stockholm) is a Swedish ethnologist who has become known for his work on modern urban legends and reached a large audience with his books Råttan i pizzan ("The Rat in the Pizza", first edition published in 1986) and Den stulna njuren ("The Stolen Kidney", first published in 1994).[1]

Klintberg was also co-host (with Christina Mattsson, head of the Nordic Museum) of "Folkminnen" ("Popular memories" or "Oral traditions") a long-running radio show, which encouraged listeners to write letters describing or asking questions about the origin or significance of local legends, games, customs or other folklore. After 750 weekly installations on Swedish national public radio channel P1, the last in the series was broadcast in January 2005.

A now common Swedish word for urban legend, klintbergare ("klintberger"), has been coined after him.

Selected publications[edit]

  • Ormkungens krona (1961)
  • Svenska trollformler (1965)
  • Svenska folksägner (1972)
  • Harens klagan (1978)
  • Råttan i pizzan (1986)
  • Den stulna njuren (1994)
  • Kuttrasju (1998)
  • Glitterspray (2005)


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