Beni Khedache

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Beni Khedache
Commune and town
Beni Khedache is located in Tunisia
Beni Khedache
Beni Khedache
Location in Tunisia
Coordinates: 33°15′N 10°12′E / 33.25°N 10.20°E / 33.25; 10.20
Country Tunisia
GovernorateMédenine Governorate
 • Total2,968
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)

Beni Khedache (Arabic: بني خداش Banī Ḫaddāš) is a town and commune in Médenine Governorate, Tunisia. It had a population of 3,071 as of 2004. It lies between Jebel Dahar and the Grand Erg Oriental, roughly 30 kilometres (19 mi) west of Médenine. It is home to a subterranean mosque.[1]

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Coordinates: 33°15′05″N 10°11′58″E / 33.2514°N 10.1994°E / 33.2514; 10.1994