Beni Mur

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Beni Mur
بني مر
Bani Murr
Beni Mur is located in Egypt
Beni Mur
Beni Mur
Location in Egypt
Coordinates: 27°13′25″N 31°11′35″E / 27.22361°N 31.19306°E / 27.22361; 31.19306
Country  Egypt
Governorate Asyut Governorate
Time zone EST (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) +3 (UTC)

Beni Mur (Arabic: بني مر‎‎, also spelled Bani Murr) is an Egyptian town in Upper Egypt located 8 kilometers north of the city of Asyut.

According to local tradition, the town is named after the tribe of Beni Mur who hailed from the Hejaz region in the western Arabian Peninsula and settled in Egypt sometime during the Muslim conquest of the area.[1][2]

The former Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser's father was born in 1888 in Beni Mur.[3]

Beni Mur is the site of the Church of Saint George which is visited annually on 1 May by local Coptic pilgrims. The church is small, with two altars, dedicated to Saint George and the Mary.[4] A small mosque was built in the town in 1898 and the first primary school was opened in 1900, consisting of a single room.[5]


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Coordinates: 27°13′38″N 31°11′40″E / 27.22722°N 31.19444°E / 27.22722; 31.19444