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The Benin Rebirth Party (French: Parti de la renaissance du Bénin) is an oppositional, more or less liberal party in Benin. The party is led by Nicéphore Soglo, who was President of Benin from 1991 to 1996 and later Mayor of Cotonou.

Soglo was the RB candidate in the March 2001 presidential election, taking second place with 27.1% of the popular vote in the first round, but he boycotted the second round. In the parliamentary election held on 30 March 2003, the party won 15 out of 83 seats.

In early August 2005, the RB chose Soglo's son Lehady Soglo as its candidate for the March 2006 presidential election.[1] The elder Soglo could not run because of the constitutional age limit of 70 years for candidates. In the election, Lehady Soglo obtained 7.92% of the vote and placed fourth.

In the March 2007 parliamentary election, the RB participated in the Alliance for a Dynamic Democracy,[2] which won a total of 20 seats.[3]


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