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Parliamentary elections were held in Benin on 31 March 2007, having been delayed from an earlier date of 25 March due to organisational difficulties. Twenty-six political parties and 2,158 candidates contested the elections for the 83 seats in the National Assembly;[1] there were 24 constituencies and 17,487 polling stations.[2]

The elections saw the Cowry Forces for an Emerging Benin emerge as the largest party, winning 35 of the 83 seats. Turnout was estimated at 58.69%.[3] The new National Assembly was sworn in on 23 April.[4]


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Cowry Forces for an Emerging Benin 35 New
Alliance for a Democratic Dynamic 20 –4
Democratic Renewal Party 10 –1
Key Force 4 –1
Union for Relief 3 New
National Union for Democracy and Progress 2 New
Hope Force 2 New
Coalition for an Emerging Benin 2 New
Alliance for Revival 2 New
Alliance of the Forces of Progress 1 0
Party for Democracy and Social Progress 1 New
Restore the Hope 1 New
Total 83 0
Registered voters/turnout 58.69
Source: APA[permanent dead link] and IPU Parline.


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