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Benipatti is a town and headquarter of sub-division Benipatti (अनुमंडल), in Madhubani district, in the state of Bihar, India. The native language of Benipatti is Maithili, while the official languages are Hindi and Urdu.


Benipatti has a versatile culture. Men wear traditional dhotis, kurtas, gamcha (towel) and paags[what language is this?]. Festivals celebrated include saraswati puja, Holi, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, Diwali and Chhath.


Benipatti is situated near to the Himalayas and the Indo-Nepal frontier. Benipatti is close to the Bagmati river, and has many small rivers, canals and ponds, which make a diversified aquatic ecosystem. It is a flood prone region, receiving an annual rainfall of about 1270mm. The territory has vast cultivated fields, and moderately dense vegetation. Palm trees grow in large numbers in the region.


The current administrative officers of Benipatti are:


Benipatti is a hub of the bordering regions of Bihar. The main occupations are farming and business.


Benipatti is connected by road to the state capital Patna, and also to bordering towns of Nepal. Rail network is not directly available from the town, with the nearest railway station in Madhubani, 25 km away.


Government/Tagged Institutions

Bachcha jha janta high school Arer,

Sri Liladhar High School, Benipatti

+2 Project Girls High School, Benipatti

Dr N. C. College, Benipatti

K.V. Science College, Ucchaith Benipatti

S. C. Mahila College, Benipatti

P D C P College, Basaith Benipatti

Private Institutions

Nand niketan Arer. Vidya bharti public school January,

Star Mission School

Madona English School

D P S Benipatti

Mithilanchal Pride English School

Central Public School

S. S. Gyan Bharti Public School

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