Benito Alessi

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Benito Alessi
Benito Alessi.jpg
Neighbours character
Portrayed by George Spartels
Duration 1992–1993
First appearance 28 July 1992
Last appearance 28 May 1993
Introduced by Don Battye
Classification Former; regular
Occupation The Robinson Corporation and Lassiter's Hotel Manager (1992–1993)
Co-owner of Carpenter's Cars (1992–1993)
Home Sydney

Benito Alessi is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by George Spartels. He made his first on-screen appearance on 28 July 1992 and remained until 28 May 1993.


Benito was born to Italian parents, he met Cathy (Elspeth Ballantyne) when they were at school. Cathy fell pergnant when she was sixteen and she and Benito were forced to give their daughter up for adoption. Benito and Cathy married and had two sons Marco (Felice Arena) and Rick (Dan Falzon). Benito makes sure he provides his sons with a secure future. When Marco leaves school to travel, Benito puts his efforts into ensuring that Rick will succeed at school instead. However, Rick is expelled from his boarding school and is forced to enrol at Erinsborough High, which disappoints Benito.

Benito's niece, Christina (Gayle Blakeney), and her husband, Paul (Stefan Dennis), lease Number 22 Ramsay Street to him and Cathy. Paul gives Benito a job managing the Robinson Corporation and Lassiter's Hotel. Benito clashes with both Jim Robinson (Alan Dale) and Doug Willis (Terence Donovan) and he is not popular with his secretaries, Gaby Willis (Rachel Blakely) and Julie Martin (Julie Mullins). Julie believes that her husband should have got Benito's job and when she sees him spending time at Lou Carpenter's car yard, where he owns shares, she tells Paul. Paul then sacks Benito. Benito does not mind too much as he grows to love working at the car yard. However, Lou is less happy with Benito's commitment to the car yard as he does not like Benito's attitude to car sales and his uptight attitude. They decide to paint a white line down the middle of the car yard, to divide it between them. They come to realise that they are being stupid and make up.

When Rick and Debbie Martin (Marnie Reece-Wilmore) win tickets to see Michael Jackson in London, Benito forbids Rick from going. Cathy forms a plan with Helen Daniels (Anne Haddy) and they agree to accompany Rick and Debbie to London without Benito's knowledge. Benito is angry when he learns the truth and he grounds Rick upon his return and banneds him from seeing Debbie. He later gives in and allows them to keep dating. Cathy tells Benito that she wants another baby and he tries to talk her out of it. Benito reveals that he had a vasectomy after Rick was born, which surprises Cathy. He then agrees to have the vasectomy reversed, but on the same day that Benito leaves hospital, Cathy is told that she is unable to have any more children. Benito and Cathy tell Marco and Rick about the daughter they gave away and Marco decides to find her. He brings Lindsay (Jane Longhurst) to dinner one evening and tells his parents who she is. Benito and Cathy meet with Lindsay and explain why she was given up for adoption.

Benito is offered a job in Sydney and he and Cathy agree to move. Benito is keen to impress his first clients, some Japanese businessmen, and he asks for Gaby's help. Gaby, her boyfriend Wayne Duncan (Jonathan Sammy Lee) and his brother, Troy (Damian Walshe-Howling), take the businessmen out on the town. Benito is furious when he finds out what the Duncan brothers are going to show the businessmen, but he is happy when he lands the account.


The BBC said Benito's most notable moment was "Admitting to Cathy that he'd had a vasectomy without her knowledge."[1]


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